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A magazine website that connects to a database.

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Project Summary

This is a magazine website that connects to a database. Writers can log in to draft and submit posts while editors can either publish or reject them. For this project I worked closely with my partner on the backend side.


  • PHP - Laravel
  • HTML5

Group Member

  • Marian Serna

Using Laravel

We saw this as an opportunity to use Laravel, a PHP framework that can be used to develop web applications that follow a model-view-controller architectural pattern.

Blade Templates

Laravel provides a powerful templating engine called Blade. With blade templates we were able to easily create layouts that can be used for multiple web pages.

Managing Users

For this website admins have to ability to give users their roles and decide rather they are authors or editors.

Project Turnout

By working attentively with my partner, I was able to learn a lot about Laravel and back end development in general. I consider this to be one of my greatest learning experiences.

Monkey Magazine

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